Stressed out or bored? Office can be just that. At times what you see around is a sea of grumpy faces! Isn’t that dismal?

What you need is a party, to set the music on the right track. How about a pool party? That would certainly be “cooler”. Nothing like good food, good music, and a dip in, you certainly are going to be a splashing hit.


Tips for a successful office pool party:

  • The size of the pool, it should be big enough to accommodate your guests, have a proper changing rooms and ample space for food and entertainments.
  • Have a supply of towels and bathing suits in case your guests forget to get one.
  • Number of people to invite-your staffs and colleagues might enjoy having their family with them.
  • Plan a light menu – salads, fruits, bite size snacks and dips, as you would not want people puking in the pool. Avoid alcohol, soft drinks, juice, mocktails should satisfy your staff and colleagues.
  • The musical equipments- speakers and sound systems.
  • There should be enough service staffs.
  • The lights and decorations- you can also consider a “theme party”.
  • Entertainment factors- you can arrange to have popular games , have wave makers installed and if there are kids coming over, a face painting /tattoo stall, or a Bounce house. There are commercial Bounce houses available at rental, in the market.

Though a fantastic way of entertainment, bounce houses can breed quite a lot of bacteria, so if you are opting to get a commercial one, do consider few points.


Things to consider while choosing Commercial Bounce House Rental Company:

There are lots of Bounce House Rentals in Orlando, look for a reputed one. It should be fully licensed and insured.

They should ensure that the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, before and after use. Speak to them about the size and requirement of the bounce house and what is best for the safety of your invitees. The company’s priority about hygiene maintenance should be a valid point for you.

Find out if the bounce house they provide can meet with your requirements. The size of the inflatable equipment should meet the number of guests using it at one time, and also the area available at your venue to install it. Choose a company that has equipments in good conditions and in varied sizes.

Look for professionalism as well as good and friendly customer service and you are ready to bounce up those spirits.

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Face painting is at present very popular at kid’s parties. It’s a great way to enhance a party mood. Children love to get themselves decorated as their superheroes and Disney characters, and many more.
Before appointing a face painter at your party there are a few things to be queried to safeguard health and hygiene. The questions essential to ask a professional face painter are:

  • If he carries a liability insurance
  • His rates
  • How many faces he can paint in an hour.
  • Hygiene he maintains while painting, and most important.
  • The kind of face paint he uses.

The quality of face paint used is very important, as those that are not approved by the FDA, is very hazardous for health in children.

Unapproved face paint, and craft colors can contain lead and other chemicals like nickel, cobalt and chromium which can harm their skin for lifelong.

Experts say, that there is “no safe level for lead” exposure for children. Even the minimum amount of it can be harmful and can impair a child.

The dangers of face painting thus are:

Lead poisoning – a kind of metal poisoning that can affect nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system, heart, bones and kidneys .It can causes diseases like anemia, abdominal pain, headaches, behavior disorders, learning disorders and in serious cases, seizures, coma and death.

Contact Dermatitis – chemicals like nickel, cobalt and chromium in face paints can cause severe contact dermatitis in children. These chemicals act as allergens. Contact dermatitis is produced by external exposure of the skin to an allergen, systemically administered allergen reaches the skin through the circulatory system and thereby producing systemic contact dermatitis. Cobalt sensitivity can also cause asthma.

Apart from metal allergy and poisoning, bad hygiene maintenance while painting can also be harmful for the children

  • One-sponge-per application is a must
  • Frequent changes in water is required
  • Quick and thorough removal of the paint is essential

It should be kept in mind that most professional face painters would never use products found in craft stores. to an observant parent, it would be obvious when they see a professional setup vs. that of an amateur. A few blobs of paint on a paper plate, or tiny pots of paint that look like poster paints is one very clear sign of possibly sub-graded products, and an artist who seems dubious about his product safety is definitely a good reason to be avoided.


Parents need to follow all directions, so that they can enjoy festivities with their children without unnecessary worry.


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Parties mean colors. In addition to the decorations another way to color up your party is to color the party goers ! Appoint a face painter and watch those beaming faces .

It has an unisex appeal. While the girls go for getting butterfly wings and lady bugs and Tinker Bells painted on their cheeks, all pink and pretty, boys prefer the clown faces, or the masked face of the Spiderman or Batman, and the rest of their superheros.

Face painting is extremely popular at kid’s party. But, there are a few things to be considered while selecting a professional face painter. While contacting the face painter there are a few questions to be asked and few answers to be delivered.

The things you need to know from the face painter :

  • The kind of material that he uses. The paints should be proper face paints not acrylic ones.
  • Whether he uses maintains hygiene , like changing water frequently, or using one sponge per application.
  • If the glitter that he might use is skin friendly and will not cause any discomfort after use.
  • If a skin is broken, wounded or sore the painter should never paint on it. Any good professional would agree to it. He might paint a small amount on the unaffected area.
  • Whether, he can paint in co ordination to the theme of the party.
  • The number of faces he can paint in an hour . A good face painter can paint as many as 8 to 12 faces in an hour.
  • The process for removal of the paint after the party.
  • His rates and charges.
  • The process of booking him.
  • Whether he holds a valid license for his profession.

The answers to be given are :

  • The number of children at the party. It would be unwise to hire a face painter for an hour if there are 30 children attending the party.
  • Whether any of them have allergy to face paints, and if he can use stickers and tattoos if any child objects to painting.
  • Whether face painting is allowed at the venue or not.

A party supplier in your area can provide you the contact details , or your event manager can arrange one for, but you need to talk to the face painter/s to ensure a safe and successful party.

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Everybody wishes to have a life that looks like a straight jump from the fairytales. Well, life is not a bed of roses and making it as picture perfect as you see in fairytales is also a tad difficult. Keeping the reality check in mind, we can always strive to at least plan a fairytale wedding because life can be unpredictable but weddings cannot. Wedding is that one big fat grand event that you and your partner decide together in order to spend the rest of your lives together.

And to give it the right stroke of fairytale romance you can always plan for an outdoor wedding. Nothing comes close to the romantic botanical gardens, or the unparalleled beauty of the waves crashing in the shore and you taking the vow with your partner amidst the azure blue sky with the warm sun shining warmly.

Now it all might sound all mushy and romantic, but a lot of hardwork needs to go in creating this romantic affair and to give your wedding the right amount of love and tenderness.

Tips to Keep in Mind when Designing Your Outdoor Wedding

Select a Date Keeping the Weather Conditions in Mind – When planning an outdoor wedding, the biggest spoiler could be the weather. So always plan a wedding keeping the weather conditions in mind. One cannot enjoy completely when the hair and the gown is not in place due to the strong winds or during extreme cold or hot conditions. So keep the weather conditions in mind when you fix your wedding date.

Decorations should Blend Well with the Scenic Beauty – Wedding is all about doing up the place in the best possible way and people are aware of the usual elements like flowers, curtains, candles to name a few that would help to light up the venue. But decorating an outdoor wedding venue is slightly different compared to the indoor venues. The decoration should be done very cautiously to ensure that the scenic beauty does not get overshadowed. Both the natural beauty and the decorating elements should not look very cluttered, instead they should complement well. So keep the decorations in mind.

Keep the Logistics in Close Proximity – Outdoor weddings need a fair share of logistics as well. These could be the bug zapper to keep the bugs and mosquitoes at bay, the scented candles that add to the aroma of the natural scenic beauty and along with all this small lights to brighten up the place during dusk.

So if giving your sweetheart is a thing that you love, then give her this dream outdoor wedding and sweep her off her feet.
For more information you can visit our website ,call us 407-347-4001 or contact us via mail.

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Summers are all about prickly heat and scorching sun. It is extremely uncomfortable since the weather makes it difficult for you to party or put your hair down to relax. But does that necessarily imply that when the scorching sun shines brightly you will have to keep yourself locked indoors? The answer is a big no and we provide fun party ideas where you can beat the heat and chill just the way you want. One such bright idea is to add giant water slides in your summer parties. They are fun, entertaining and helps you to chill with friends, cousins or family members.

Having a water themed party is always a good idea when you can get the water slides for rent easily and at extremely affordable prices. There are some other factors that you need to keep in mind, we tell you what they are and guide you along the way.

Factors to Keep in Mind when Planning a Water Slide Party

Water Slide, the Right Option for Your Summer Parties – Nothing can get better than water slides for your summer outdoor parties. Since that allows people to come out in spite of the heat and yet manage to keep the sweat at bay by having a nice splash. There are quite a variety of water slides for rent and you can choose the ones which you think will blend well with your themed party.

Proper Prevention in case of Accidents – If you are using well maintained water slides which are always kept clean by the service staff, then the chances of any kind of injury or accidents is very low. But even then, preventive measures are always kept in mind when talking about accidents while enjoying in these water slides. It is always better to find out as much as you can about the water slides that you are renting, by asking questions like how old is the equipment, how are these equipments cleaned and what are the safety measures that people use on a regular basis when giving it on rent to customers.

Choosing the Right Slide before the Party Begins – Selecting the right slide is crucial because it needs to blend well with the theme of your party and also the kind of people you are calling in. Not all the water slides are well suited for all the age groups. Once you know the age bracket of the people coming for the party, that helps you to choose the apt slides that will suit the people who are coming. For instance the water slides for kids will slightly be different from the slides that you choose for the grown ups.

So do include this in the itinerary while planning for your next summer party?

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Wedding is not just about exchanging vows but more so about the bond between the couple who decides to spend the rest of their lives together even if they encounter rough patches on the road . A wedding ceremony in the presence of family and friends is more than just the rituals. The setting and the decor is a very important aspect of a wedding ceremony. After all, every little girl or boy dreams of the perfect setting during their wedding ceremony. So, if you wish to have a wedding that truly depicts your dream come true, then do keep these important factors in mind.

4 To Do Things in the List that Needs the Tick before Your Wedding Day

Planning for the Logistics Way in Advance – The logistics of your wedding is of prime importance. This category includes the caterers, the decorators and the booking of a venue. Once these three basic things are taken care of, the other things eventually fall into place automatically.

Outdoor Weddings – In case of outdoor weddings, it is important to make sure that you rent wedding tents way in advance. The reason you need to rent them quite a few months in advance is because getting the right looking tents that will suit your preference and the theme of your wedding in bulk numbers is tough luck. So, renting wedding tents in advance is always of high priority.

Decor of Your Wedding Venue – Decor is not just about the way you brighten up the venue with other external elements. On the contrary, decor has a lot to do with the choice of tables and chairs, the design of the curtains along with the cutlery and crockery. All these need to blend well with the look and theme of your wedding as well. The flowers that adorn the vases, the candles and the aroma that you spread throughout the venue – all these elements need to come together to brighten up the place and give it an enthralling look.

Keep the Timeline in Mind Always – Many often forget to keep the timeline in mind while planning for their wedding party. Always stay alert about the timeline and the remaining bandwidth you still have because that will help you to pull up your socks and get to work as fast as you can. The sooner you can wrap things up, the better it will be for you because you would not remain tensed just days before your D day.

So if your wedding is round the corner, then this blog provides you with the right assistance. Enjoy a hassle free wedding and make memories which you can cherish throughout your life.

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Face painting is a fun activity that enables artists to literally go crazy and be at their creative best. The outcome is often spectacular with the addition of some fun and quirky elements to a person’s face. The best part is that there is no hassles with respect to costumes and all you need is a palette of colors with brushes of all sizes. Face painting as an art form requires a different kind of expression from the artist’s end and is a fun activity for both, the artist and the subject.

However, to perfect your face painting picture, the face painter needs to keep a few important things in mind. We have enlisted these basic tips for you. Abiding by these would help you have maximum fun at minimum risk.

4 Tips to Keep in Mind when Face Painting

  • Always Use a Sponge and Not a Brush – While applying a particular paint on a large surface area of the face, never use a brush to apply the color. Instead always use a sponge to spread the color evenly throughout the face because that helps in saving a lot of time. When using a few common colors for face painting, it is best to dunk the sponge in those set colors and to keep those sponges aside for those colors only. This process saves time of washing the sponges every time there is a change in the color palette.
  • Always Visualize the Finished Face before You Begin Painting – When it comes to art, it is important to visualize the finished face painting look; otherwise things might go haywire. Always script the the look on a piece of paper and see how it looks. If it is appealing enough, then you can always implement the same on the face. Fixing the pattern will create scope for improvements and you can improvise eventually.
  • Always Add Glitter – Applying glitter is always a good idea because it glams up the look of the face. When using glitter always keep in mind to use non toxic and fabric based glitter because it suits the skin very well. Glitter should be applied to those areas that are not conspicuous enough to ensure that the face looks glamorous.
  • Always Use Stencils – One of the most common problems that a face painter faces while painting is to maintain symmetry i.e the design one one area of the face is not same as that in another area. In such cases, it is always a good idea to use stencil designs. Stencils will help you to maintain uniformity in the pattern throughout the face.

If you wish to excel as a face painter and make customers fall in love with your art work, then do keep these tips in mind. Any bit of skin allergy or rashes on the subject post face painting will garner negative publicity for you.

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A bounce house is most definitely an amazing place for relaxation and entertainment. But there is no shade of doubt that bounce houses are havens for bacterial growth. Be it a bounce house rental Orlando or a personal one, it is important to keep the unit clean and sanitized. In case you do not own a bounce house and need to rent one, you will have to put faith in the bounce house rentals orlando fl for maintaining the cleanliness of the rental units. If there is a bounce house in your home or office, you can use the following steps for ensuring the cleanliness and sanitization of the inflatables.

Detailed Cleansing:

The first step in cleaning the bounce house is to sweep the interior of the unit thoroughly. For this the bounce house will have to be inflated completely. This is a frustrating job for those living in smaller areas as there is no space for full inflation. This is the reason why majority of the experts opine that if you desire to own bounce house rentals Orlando, you should look out for a large, spacious area where setting up the inflations is easy. After the inflation is used and returned to you, it will be your decision to get inside the unit and clean up the place of debris. You may also come across objects like jewelry, hair ties and bracelets while cleaning. In case you come across expensive jewelry, it will be wise of you to call up the person who last rented the unit and find out if the item belongs to him/her. This will ensure that the item is returned to the rightful owner.

Sanitizing the Inflatable:

Once the sweeping is over, you will have to sanitize the inflatable. By this time all the unnecessary items including ‘loose debris’ have been removed from the unit. The market offers several sanitizing fluids varieties for sanitizing a bounce house which is why you should conduct a research on the products and look for the solution that is affordable as well as effective in functionality. There are several owners of bounce house rentals who prefer to use those solutions that are meant for sanitizing wrestling and gymnastic mats because of the fact that they are extremely powerful and can also develop compatibility with the units. Spray the solution inside the bounce house and wipe the entire place.

The steps mentioned above will not only ensure the cleanliness of the place, but will also prevent the spread of unwanted diseases because of bounce houses.

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Face painting has grown highly popular today. It is very much in trend and most kids love to have their faces painted. You can become a DIY fun face painter at your child’s birthday party where you can try your hand at artistically painting various designs on the kids’ faces. The guidelines given below will help you to create perfect fun painting designs- be it of a butterfly, dog, cat, witch, fairy or even a ghost!

Use the Paint to the Fullest:

Stage makeup and professional face paints are highly expensive because of which it would be a loss to allow them to be wasted. Make sure they are not lying in a place that can be easily accessed by kids. And you should experiment with stick or tube based paints to learn which one is easy to work with.

Avoid Brushing:

The face is usually large in area and needs a large amount of color. It will be better if you can apply paints using sponge instead of brush as it will save a lot of time. Use separate sponge for separate colors so that you do not have to keep washing it every time you change the color.

Patience is the Key:

For any creative work, patience is extremely important. You should allow the first color to dry up before you apply the second layer of color. If you forget to let the color dry, the colors will get mixed up and you will have to re-start the painting process. Moreover, always apply a ‘thin coat’ of color instead of a thick one, so that it dries off fast enough and you can get started with another layer.

Imagine What You Want:

You should have already pictured in your mind what you exactly want to paint. Never experiment with what comes to your mind as you keep painting. Children do not have the same amount of patience as adults, and they will not stay still for you to express your creative mind. You can even draw out what you want to paint and add ‘special effects’ if you get the time.

If you do not want to DIY face painting, you can hire professional face painters for birthday parties or any other occasion, who will design the kids exactly the way they want to appear. There are several quality face painters for hire Orlando who can make your daughter look like the cutest fairy in the world, or give your son the look of a real tiger! The choice is yours- either ways, face painting is a good way to entertain yourself and the kids.

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Kids love to spend time outdoors in summer and spring time. And backyard is the best place for arranging a cool party for kids. There are some arrangements to be made for the backyard party to ensure the children have a great time enjoying themselves in the best possible way. The following tips will help you to make proper planning for the backyard party.

Stock Up Sufficient Food And Drinks:

Kids are always active and this is what makes them hungry all the time. Make sure that you have enough stock of drinks, snacks and other munching items in the party so that the children do not remain underfed.

Make Tents for Weather Protection:

The weather changes in these parts of the year are significant and rapid. To keep the children form getting wet due to sudden rainfall, or to spend the night, you should place tents in the backyard. You can also ask the kids to bring in their sleeping bags if they are to stay over for the night, as the night air may get chilly.

Keep First-aid Ready

You never know what will happen next with kids. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a first-aid kit ready. Also, it would be advisable to have an adult guard the kids while they are partying so that help can be provided in case of an untoward incident.

Give a Theme to the Party:

When you send out invitations to the children for the party, try and include a theme for the party such as costume party. The children can dress up accordingly for the outdoor party. However, keep in mind that this is an outdoor party so you should not make them feel uncomfortable in the party.

And Do Not Forget Games:

You cannot organize any party for kids without making arrangement for games. While there are many creative games to engage the children, you can consider renting a kids bounce house for extreme fun and enjoyment for the kids. Bellas Bouncies Orlando is one of the most popular bounce house rentals which prioritizes the health and entertainment aspects of inflating a bounce house. However, you will have to monitor the kids s they enjoy their time in the bounce house. This is to avoid children of various ages to jump into the structure at the same time, creating chaos and increasing the chance of an accident. Rent a bounce house from bellas bouncies at an affordable price, so that the backyard party can be a success.

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