4 Key Factors To Keep In Mind Before You Start Face Painting

Face painting is a fun activity that enables artists to literally go crazy and be at their creative best. The outcome is often spectacular with the addition of some fun and quirky elements to a person’s face. The best part is that there is no hassles with respect to costumes and all you need is a palette of colors with brushes of all sizes. Face painting as an art form requires a different kind of expression from the artist’s end and is a fun activity for both, the artist and the subject.

However, to perfect your face painting picture, the face painter needs to keep a few important things in mind. We have enlisted these basic tips for you. Abiding by these would help you have maximum fun at minimum risk.

4 Tips to Keep in Mind when Face Painting

  • Always Use a Sponge and Not a Brush – While applying a particular paint on a large surface area of the face, never use a brush to apply the color. Instead always use a sponge to spread the color evenly throughout the face because that helps in saving a lot of time. When using a few common colors for face painting, it is best to dunk the sponge in those set colors and to keep those sponges aside for those colors only. This process saves time of washing the sponges every time there is a change in the color palette.
  • Always Visualize the Finished Face before You Begin Painting – When it comes to art, it is important to visualize the finished face painting look; otherwise things might go haywire. Always script the the look on a piece of paper and see how it looks. If it is appealing enough, then you can always implement the same on the face. Fixing the pattern will create scope for improvements and you can improvise eventually.
  • Always Add Glitter – Applying glitter is always a good idea because it glams up the look of the face. When using glitter always keep in mind to use non toxic and fabric based glitter because it suits the skin very well. Glitter should be applied to those areas that are not conspicuous enough to ensure that the face looks glamorous.
  • Always Use Stencils – One of the most common problems that a face painter faces while painting is to maintain symmetry i.e the design one one area of the face is not same as that in another area. In such cases, it is always a good idea to use stencil designs. Stencils will help you to maintain uniformity in the pattern throughout the face.

If you wish to excel as a face painter and make customers fall in love with your art work, then do keep these tips in mind. Any bit of skin allergy or rashes on the subject post face painting will garner negative publicity for you.

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