5 Important Face Painting Guidelines

Face painting has grown highly popular today. It is very much in trend and most kids love to have their faces painted. You can become a DIY fun face painter at your child’s birthday party where you can try your hand at artistically painting various designs on the kids’ faces. The guidelines given below will help you to create perfect fun painting designs- be it of a butterfly, dog, cat, witch, fairy or even a ghost!

Use the Paint to the Fullest:

Stage makeup and professional face paints are highly expensive because of which it would be a loss to allow them to be wasted. Make sure they are not lying in a place that can be easily accessed by kids. And you should experiment with stick or tube based paints to learn which one is easy to work with.

Avoid Brushing:

The face is usually large in area and needs a large amount of color. It will be better if you can apply paints using sponge instead of brush as it will save a lot of time. Use separate sponge for separate colors so that you do not have to keep washing it every time you change the color.

Patience is the Key:

For any creative work, patience is extremely important. You should allow the first color to dry up before you apply the second layer of color. If you forget to let the color dry, the colors will get mixed up and you will have to re-start the painting process. Moreover, always apply a ‘thin coat’ of color instead of a thick one, so that it dries off fast enough and you can get started with another layer.

Imagine What You Want:

You should have already pictured in your mind what you exactly want to paint. Never experiment with what comes to your mind as you keep painting. Children do not have the same amount of patience as adults, and they will not stay still for you to express your creative mind. You can even draw out what you want to paint and add ‘special effects’ if you get the time.

If you do not want to DIY face painting, you can hire professional face painters for birthday parties or any other occasion, who will design the kids exactly the way they want to appear. There are several quality face painters for hire Orlando who can make your daughter look like the cutest fairy in the world, or give your son the look of a real tiger! The choice is yours- either ways, face painting is a good way to entertain yourself and the kids.

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