Hiring a Face Painter For Your Party

Parties mean colors. In addition to the decorations another way to color up your party is to color the party goers ! Appoint a face painter and watch those beaming faces .

It has an unisex appeal. While the girls go for getting butterfly wings and lady bugs and Tinker Bells painted on their cheeks, all pink and pretty, boys prefer the clown faces, or the masked face of the Spiderman or Batman, and the rest of their superheros.

Face painting is extremely popular at kid’s party. But, there are a few things to be considered while selecting a professional face painter. While contacting the face painter there are a few questions to be asked and few answers to be delivered.

The things you need to know from the face painter :

  • The kind of material that he uses. The paints should be proper face paints not acrylic ones.
  • Whether he uses maintains hygiene , like changing water frequently, or using one sponge per application.
  • If the glitter that he might use is skin friendly and will not cause any discomfort after use.
  • If a skin is broken, wounded or sore the painter should never paint on it. Any good professional would agree to it. He might paint a small amount on the unaffected area.
  • Whether, he can paint in co ordination to the theme of the party.
  • The number of faces he can paint in an hour . A good face painter can paint as many as 8 to 12 faces in an hour.
  • The process for removal of the paint after the party.
  • His rates and charges.
  • The process of booking him.
  • Whether he holds a valid license for his profession.

The answers to be given are :

  • The number of children at the party. It would be unwise to hire a face painter for an hour if there are 30 children attending the party.
  • Whether any of them have allergy to face paints, and if he can use stickers and tattoos if any child objects to painting.
  • Whether face painting is allowed at the venue or not.

A party supplier in your area can provide you the contact details , or your event manager can arrange one for, but you need to talk to the face painter/s to ensure a safe and successful party.

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