Summer is the best time to host a picnic. The sun is up and warm, giving you enough reason to enjoy the summer breeze while spending some quality time with your loved ones. As you sprawl out on the grass and peacefully sip from a glass of refreshing cocktail, you see the children having fun in some other part of the area, and take in the bliss. Apart from selecting the spot for picnic, here are some essential tips that will make you the host of a successful summer picnic.

Linen and Comfort:

Since you will be lying on the green fields, there is no chance of you getting a table cover for the picnic. Instead you can use tea towels made of linen and Beach-towels that are hand-loomed along with blankets which are maritime-striped. You should add more linen layers to improve your comfort level as you lie down lazily. Try to avoid white or any other bright color and use striped linen instead.

Summer Food:

You do not want to plan a heavy meal in the summer afternoon. Try out typical picnic food items like sandwiches, and if you are interested you can also experiment with new recipes for summer such as Israeli Couscous and ‘ mission fig crostini’. To pack the snacks for the picnic use twine and wax paper, use Weck jars for carrying the salads, and put the grilled chicken in to-go boxes. This will save you all the trouble of using plates for the food items. And since this is the part of the year when your throats run dry, you should plan some cold yet interesting drink for the picnickers. Popsicle is something both children and adults enjoy in the the summer heat. You can prepare your own version of this drink using strawberries, cherries, mint, basil, syrup and soda water. Prepare a separate set of Popsicles for adults in which you can add spirits.

Bounce House for Entertainment:

A good idea to live the children alone will be to rent safety bounce houses in orlando, that will fill them with excitement and happiness. The kids will create their own games inside the orlando bounce house without running the risk of hurting themselves. With all the energy that springs in children, this structure is the perfect platform to jump and fall in, that too hazard-free. Kids become so involved in playing inside the bounce house that lose track of time. And this gives you the right opportunity to sit back and chat with your loved ones, free from all worries. Adults too can join in, but they should use the bounce house separately, and not with the kids.

The ideas suggested above will guide you to throw an ideal summer party that will remain memorable all through your life.

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To add some fun and excitement to birthday parties, you can consider including bounce houses for changing the entire ambiance of the event. These are authentic party entertainers and people of all ages love them. These units add attraction and appeal to children’s birthday parties. While the kids are at play, the parents can get time for having a party of their own. There was a time when bouncer houses were considered to be nothing but an extravaganza, meant only for the affluent people. But with the initiation of bounce house rentals, it is now possible to avail these amazing entertaining packages for a day or two, in an affordable way.

Read on to find out the reasons for renting a Bounce House Orlando, so that you can count your savings as well as give your kid ample happiness by renting it for his/her birthday party.

Security Assurance:

The first and foremost reason why you should opt for a bounce house Orlando fl is because these inflatables offer total security and safety to children. The structure, which is composed of rubber, ensures a soft and comfortable landing so that the child does not get injured while playing. These structures do not have sharp or hard edges that maybe hazardous for the children. The makers of bouncer houses prioritize child safety in the design and the rentals are supposed to have these units inspected before renting them out for business purpose.

Versatility in Selection:

You can opt for indoor bounce house Orlando rentals not only for birthday celebrations but for other occasions as well. Rent a bounce house for a wedding anniversary, graduation ceremony or some special event that you want to celebrate. A bounce house can keep the children busy in any given occasion and it is a great way to prevent children from wandering off or putting them in danger of any kind. An inflatable creates an ambiance that can help kids to remain engaged, especially when their parents are busy socializing with other adults.

No Installation Problem:

While placing an order for renting a bounce house, you can stay free of installation worry. It is the job of the rental to carry the bounce house to the site and inflate it prior to the event, and deflate it after the occasion is over. So, relax and worry about other concerns of the party while the bounce house installation takes place at the site.

Renting a bounce house is well within your means and you should make full use of this opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the event.

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Companies usually organize family picnics for the employees so that they get to know each other in a better way in a light and entertaining atmosphere. A commercial bounce house is a good way to involve all the employees and their family members in a party to have a fun-filled experience. Not only will the children love to spend time in the bounce house, but it will also keep them from engaging in other activities.

The Attraction Factor

Commercial bounce houses are great investments for adding amusement to office picnics. Kids love to jump around a lot and a what safer way than a bounce house to make them happy? The enormity of this structure and its bright colors attract kids to enter and get a taste of unending fun. It is difficult to make them leave such structures after they have entered, and they will leave with only pleasing memories of having spent the day in an exhilarating way.

Ultimate Fun Package

These days a commercial bounce house for sale can also be in the form of a soccer field. Children will excited beyond belief if they can play football in a soft field with goal posts that are bouncy and walls that will never injure them. A bounce house provides the ideal alternative to the stereotyped family games such as potato sack race or tug of war.

If the day of the picnic is a warm one, you can also consider water slides for everyone. While the kids can have fun with water, they will also stay cool in the heat, making this structure a good replacement for pools (if there none in the site).

In this way, the employees will have added fun at the picnic along with their family members, and will have reasons to show growth in their work efficiency.

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Bounce houses are exciting, fun and romping inside them makes for an effective workout that tones one’s arms, legs and shoulders. To make all the jumping inside a bounce house a fun experience one must hire bounce houses from insured rental companies. Here’s why –

Search on Google and you would find numerous bounce house rental companies in Orlando, but the catch is – are all of them as good as they sound? Probably no! You might find a company with a jazzy website offering bounce houses for rent at unbelievable prices. Caution – remember the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”? It holds true even here. Most of these companies are either not licenses or are uninsured. The biggest problem with hiring uninsured bounce house rental companies is that if anything goes wrong you’re held responsible.

What happens when you hire an insured bounce house rental company? For instance, if someone from the company gets injured while installing a bounce house at your place then he/she can sue you for damages. Sadly many don’t consider it as an important factor until such incidents happen. The only solution to avoid such legal problems is to work with companies that have the right paper work.

Also, it’s important to not fall for the smooth and sweet talks. Don’t sign the contract papers until and unless you’ve checked the insurance papers and their license. A good company won’t hesitate in doing so. Check their authenticity by visiting the offices of the insurance providers mentioned in the documents.

A company that’s invested its time and money to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done properly is serious to do business. It’s a proof that the company is run by an owner who doesn’t care about the business – he/she just wants to earn money by all means (even the crooked ones).

Hiring a professional bounce house rental company will also give you the much needed peace of mind when the bounce house is being installed. The professionals will follow all the safety rules and make sure that bounce is safe to use.

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Birthdays are always special. As a parent, you are always keen to make the birthday party of your kid a memorable affair teamed with fun and enjoyable events. There’s so much to plan and so much to do that it leaves you completely exhausted. We’ve covered a few tips to help you pull off an amazing birthday party for your kids.

Don’t keep it as a surprise

Kids love birthday parties and they wait for their birthdays with excitement and eagerness. It might be a bad idea to keep things in dark until the last moment; adults like surprise parties on their birthdays but with kids it can backfire. It’s better that you tell them in advance about the party and also involve them in different party related activities -you can go shopping together; ask who all they want to invite; what should be on the menu; where do they want the birthday party to be hosted at.

Count heads carefully

You don’t want to miss an important of your child’s for the party, right? Also, there will be a few adult friends of yours attending the party, count them too.

Fix your Budget

Plan your resources and make the invitee list. These’re the primary steps to ensure a well-organized birthday party.

Choose a theme

Once you’ve decided on a theme everything will fall into place – venue, birthday party favors, invitation cards, menu, décor and most importantly the fun elements such as games that take the entertainment quotient of any birthday party several notches higher.

A special note

No birthday is complete without a cake. Order a cake that’s in sync with the theme. From Captain America to Barbie – the options of theme-based cakes are endless.

Send invitations early

Printed invitations are a must for a kid’s birthday party. Besides date, time and venue, include a detailed map and phone numbers in the invitation.

Bounce House

Bounce Houses add fun to any birthday party. Kids love jumping and romping in a bounce house and there’s no stopping the fun. You would love listening to the kids laugh and enjoying the party. All you need to do is to select a quality bounce house provider and hire him for installing it at the venue.
If you’re looking for a bounce house rental company in Orlando then we might help you. We provide bounce house rentals, wet / dry inflatable water slides, obstacle courses, generators, concessions, face painting, tables, & chairs.

For more queries, you can contact us via email or you can also give us a call (407-347-4001).

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Looking to host a memorable party for your friends or family? A bounce house can add excitement to any party. Here we’ve discussed how to select the right bounce house rental company. Well, it cannot be as daunting as it appears. Here are some quick pointers to help you -

1. Licensed:

The first thing to check is whether the company is licensed or not. Choosing a bounce house rental company that’s not licensed is risky – in case of an accident you might not be able to take adequate steps against the company. And the worst part of it – the entire blame would fall on your shoulders because you didn’t do the background check and chose to work with an unlicensed company.

2. Company Age:

Choose a company that is in the business for a considerable time. After all experience counts!

3. Insurance:

Stay away from companies that lack valid commercial liability insurance.

4. Select Bounce House related with Party theme:

Make sure that the company you are choosing over others has different types of bounce houses. The salesman should also show you the product pictures. More variety, the better -as you can select a bounce house that’s in sync with the party theme.

5. Experts:

The bounce house rental companies send professionals to install the bounce house. Check whether the company has experienced and trained staff or not. Also check whether they will send people for supervision when the installation is done.

6. Build:

Check the products for durability and stability. Flimsy houses can collapse, topple and can even sway by high winds with kids onboard. You want your guests and family members to have fun; you don’t want them to get hurt, right?

7. Cost:

- It is an important deciding factor –there’s no doubt about it. If you are selecting a rental company that charges a little higher than others – then ask whether the charges include other party supplies. Since these houses are mostly rented for kid’s parties, you can cut down on costs by shopping everything from one place as bulk shopping and discounts go hand in hand.

8. Material Used:

the best way to judge a bounce house is to check the quality of the material used for making it. The sturdy bounce houses are made of either woven oxford cloth or PVC tarpaulin. Another factor to check with the company is the products they use for cleaning the bounce house. Sometimes fumes from chemicals used for cleaning can stay inside it and when one gets inside the bounce house he/she might feel nauseous or dizzy. You should look into all the aspects related to health and safety before you sign the papers.

9. Earlier referrals:

You can ask for earlier references and check out with customers they’ve supplied the bounce houses before. It would give you an insight into how the company conducts its business. Asking the customers would give you an honest and neutral opinion about the rental company.

10. Cleanliness:

Check whether the bounce houses are cleaned and disinfected after every rental. Usually the bounce houses are kept outdoors where they can get easily dirty.
Check these points with different bounce house rental companies. If you’re looking for inflatable party rentals in Orlando then we can help you. From inflatable bounce houses, inflatable bounce house combos to inflatable water slides – we’re your one stop solution to everything related to entertainment and inflatable bouncers.

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With the advent of computer and video games and shortage of play area, more and more children have started staying indoors. If you feel your child has also become a victim of such “modern” norms and you want your kid to get up and moving, bounce house is the best option.

The benefits of a bounce house are:

Physical workout:

Your kid actually gets involved in physical workout and exercise. This enhance the blood circulatory system and the lung capacity of your kid. Overall, he/she becomes healthier and fitter.

Zero maintenance:

This can be passed on to generations! Yes it requires zero maintenance and is never out of trend. A bounce house has never ceased to attract kids of all ages. It is even a piece of attraction for adults.

A party attraction:

Don’t be worried if your friends are going to bring their kids along with them in your house party. A bounce house is the perfect engagement for the kids that you can think of. You need not worry about them running around all around your home. You can keep a bounce house near the garden area and be rest assured that the whole of the kids’ gang would be amused by it. Now-a-days many reputed bounce house rental company rent their bounce house at a fair price, from where you can take the bounce house as a rent.

Age doesn’t matter:

Though it is mostly referred as a kid’s thing but there are also special bounce houses for adults and it surely great fun to be on it. So if you are planning to organize a fun summer party at your backyard, this will really play a great role.

It is safe:

This is one of the safest mode of entertainment for kids. Being a parent you just need to note two or three important aspects before allowing your kid to jump of the bounce house. These aspects are: weather, worker and warranty.

Do not allow your kids on a bounce house if there is strong wind, i.e 20 to 25 miles per hour or higher. This can easily topple the bounce house and cause accident. So just make sure that you allow your kids on a bounce house only when the wind is apt and not too strong.

Though this is safe you cannot leave your kids unsupervised here. There should always be someone who can keep an eye on the children and also knows the nitty gritty of a bounce house such us the right way to anchor the bounce house with the ground.

You should also be well acquainted with the warranty or the insurance that the bounce house company provides before purchasing one. Do check if the company follows the safety procedures according to ASTM regulations. You can also visit their website and see all the details before purchasing one.
For more queries, you can contact us via email or you can also give us a call (407-347-4001).

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Bounce houses are fun for kids. But are they safe for them? We say yes! All you need to do is taking care of certain safety measures.

Here’s a rundown on a few useful bounce house safety tips -

  • Don’t play inside the bounce house when wind is faster. If the wind starts blowing faster than 20 mph the bounce house should be closed.
  • Adult supervision is paramount. Kids may get injured while playing in a bounce house. They can collide with other kids and hurt their elbows or face. If such an incident occurs, the adult supervisor should immediately take the child out from the house and send him/her for treatment.
  • Don’t overcrowd the bounce house. The maximum capacity is printed on the wall of the bounce house. It should be strictly followed.
  • Look for strong stakes. Bounce and inflatable play equipments should be anchored with 30-40inch long metal stakes. Don’t forget to ask the suppliers about the quality of the stakes when you are shopping for a bounce house.
  • Sort the kids by size and age. Elder kids are bigger in size and more active. So, they should be sent in smaller groups. The kids can have more fun if they get more space to play.
  • Talk to your kids and make them understand that they can play inside the bounce house only in presence of a supervisor.
  • Here are certain rules that supervisor of a bounce house should follow.

1.All the kids should stand in a queue.
2.They should remove their shoes before entering the house.
3.They should learn to take turns.
4.The kids must behave responsibly inside the house.

  • Backyard bounce houses are often called “attractive hazard”. When you are installing a bounce house in your backyard it has its pros and cons. In case of any accident, the property owner would be held responsible. If your backyard is not fenced or if is someone’s not in the house – in both the cases it’s better to deflate the bounce house.

For more queries, you can contact us via email or you can also give us a call (407-347-4001).

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Here are some ideas to organize a successful party:

1. Planning:

Start early and stay organized. From preparing the guest, menu and shopping lists to deciding on the budget, venue and the date and time of the party – this steps involves everything.

2. Venue:

Decide whether you want to host an indoor or outdoor party. Select a venue that’s appropriate for the occasion. Walk through the place exactly as your guests will. While walking check for the distance between the parking and the destination where the party is being hosted.

3. Theme:

A well-thought theme is the surest way to make your party a memorable affair. If you’re hosting a kid’s party then some of the themes you can try are – Pirate, jungle, fairy, and pirates. The little ones can come dressed according to the theme. If you’re hosting the party in summers then nothing works great than a barbeque theme. Guests can try their hand at grilling and everyone helps around- increasing the fun and togetherness.
Pool parties are also great for summers. From selecting the venue to deciding on the fun elements and menu – everything should’ve a dash of water. Don’t forget to rent bounce houses. If you’re inviting kids to the party then bounce houses will be a great addition. They take the fun element several notches higher. And kids love playing inside them. Check the ideas to organize pool parties.

4. Order:

Once the theme is decided order your party supplies such as from party favors, decorations, plates and cups.

5. Light:

It’s important to get the light settings correct to create the right party mood. If you’re hosting the party at home then replace the regular lights with stylish lamp shades to create a dramatic effect. You can also light candle light bulbs in peach color to create a warm and sexy feel. Or try the blue ones for a cool nightclub feel.

6. Use Mirror as a Decoration:

You can also use mirrors to decorate the venue. They look glamorous and chic and don’t cost a fortune. The mirrors also make your room look brighter and bigger.

7. Don’t invest much time to cook:

Do not spend the entire day in the kitchen because by the end of the day you’ll be damn tired to enjoy the party. Instead of preparing full course meals cook finger foods that your guests can munch throughout the event. You can order food from a nearby restaurant or also arrange a pot luck dinner, wherein every guest brings something cooked from their homes.

8. Special arrangement for kids:

If you’ve kids as guests in your party then you need to see to it that they’re enjoying the party. One sure way to make the party a fun one for kids is arranging for bounce houses. You can also arrange for artificial swimming pools with water slides – this is something the adults would also enjoy. If you are a resident of Orlando, you need not worry. We’re there to help you! We’re a licensed and insured bounce house and inflatable rental company in Orlando. Safety is our top priority; check the guidelines here for a safe and fun-filled party. For adults you can arrange activities like playing cards, singing competition or even dumb charades.

9. Finishing the party arrangement on time is very important:

Finish the party arrangements half an hour prior to your set time for the party. It’s to make sure that you get time to relax and enjoy some me time before you take on role of a charming host/hostess.

Hosting a party can be a daunting task if everything is put off to the last minute. Take care of the things we mentioned here in advance. We’ll be coming up with another list to help you organize a memorable party.

For more queries, you can contact us via email or you can also give us a call (407-347-4001).

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The summers are a great time for kids as they really look forward to playing outside. Not only do they love the parks and the greenery, they also love romping around the swimming pool. It’s a great time to organize a pool party for your little ones and their friends. Here are some wonderful pool party ideas for you:

1. Planning:

Planning should be done well in advance. Arranging a kid’s party is not like arranging an adult party- a lot of things need supervision on a regular basis so that there are no last minute changes which can stress out the kids.

2. Clean Swimming pool:

Select a shallow swimming pool. Don’t assume that all the kids attending the party would know how to swim. Shallow pools also prevent accidents. And you don’t want the kids to fall sick after the party – so select a pool that’s clean.

3. Water Games:

Water games like water basket ball or passing the ball can make any pool party a fun one. Children love playing in the water and the more reason they have to swim around, the better! Inflatable bounce houses are also a great option.

4. Water Mascots:

You can hire mascots who would dress up as characters from water animation movies like dressing up as mermaids or sailors like Ariel or Popeye. Children would love to see their favorite sea characters playing with them.

5. Dance and Music:

You can’t have a pool party without music. You can hire a band/DJ or play music yourself. If you’re in-charge of music then select the playlist that’s in sync with the mood of the party. You can play Hawaiian and Caribbean music- their songs are usually apt for water –themed parties.

6. Food and Drinks:

Select healthy and lip smacking munchies for kids. Mediterranean Salad with prawns, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and olives, Pepperoni Spinach Quiche, rice cake stacks – all are delicious and healthy pool-side snacks. The drinks can include coconut water with umbrellas in them!

7. Water slides:

A water slide in the party is going to take the fun element of the party several notches higher- the children would love it. The very idea of whooshing through the water into the pool is something that kids are going to love. When looking for a water slide rental company check whether it’s licensed and insured.

8. Essentials:

Since it is a water party, arrange for basic essentials like clean clothes and towels for the kids. Also have a basic first aid box around for emergency situations.

9. Themed Décor:

Although it is a pool party and that itself is a major theme in itself, you still can opt for additional décor like a beach or an underwater kingdom. You can have cutouts of fish around as well.

10. Basic Precautions:

Most importantly, there should be someone near the pool always. Even if the pool is shallow, see that there are a few rubber tubes around. Also, keep an eye out that no kid is pushing another into the water forcefully.

We provide different types of inflatable bounce houses, inflatable bounce house combos, and inflatable water slides to make your pool party a memorable one. Contact us; we have the inflatable just right for your party.

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