Stressed out or bored? Office can be just that. At times what you see around is a sea of grumpy faces! Isn’t that dismal?

What you need is a party, to set the music on the right track. How about a pool party? That would certainly be “cooler”. Nothing like good food, good music, and a dip in, you certainly are going to be a splashing hit.


Tips for a successful office pool party:

  • The size of the pool, it should be big enough to accommodate your guests, have a proper changing rooms and ample space for food and entertainments.
  • Have a supply of towels and bathing suits in case your guests forget to get one.
  • Number of people to invite-your staffs and colleagues might enjoy having their family with them.
  • Plan a light menu – salads, fruits, bite size snacks and dips, as you would not want people puking in the pool. Avoid alcohol, soft drinks, juice, mocktails should satisfy your staff and colleagues.
  • The musical equipments- speakers and sound systems.
  • There should be enough service staffs.
  • The lights and decorations- you can also consider a “theme party”.
  • Entertainment factors- you can arrange to have popular games , have wave makers installed and if there are kids coming over, a face painting /tattoo stall, or a Bounce house. There are commercial Bounce houses available at rental, in the market.

Though a fantastic way of entertainment, bounce houses can breed quite a lot of bacteria, so if you are opting to get a commercial one, do consider few points.


Things to consider while choosing Commercial Bounce House Rental Company:

There are lots of Bounce House Rentals in Orlando, look for a reputed one. It should be fully licensed and insured.

They should ensure that the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, before and after use. Speak to them about the size and requirement of the bounce house and what is best for the safety of your invitees. The company’s priority about hygiene maintenance should be a valid point for you.

Find out if the bounce house they provide can meet with your requirements. The size of the inflatable equipment should meet the number of guests using it at one time, and also the area available at your venue to install it. Choose a company that has equipments in good conditions and in varied sizes.

Look for professionalism as well as good and friendly customer service and you are ready to bounce up those spirits.

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