Bounce House Inflatable Safety

Safety is our top priority; please review the following safety information and operating procedures to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Bounce House Manufactures Safety Information and Operating Procedures
• Do NOT use if winds exceed 25 MPH as bounce house can flip in high winds. If high winds exist, exit bounce house immediately and turn off the blower.
• Riders shall remove shoes, eyeglasses, hair clips, jewelry, buckles, pens, purses, and sharp objects prior to entering the inflatable. Attendant will monitor and enforce this.
• ABSOLUTELY No food, drinks, silly string, gum, pets, toys, confetti, or silly string shall be permitted in the bounce house at anytime. A $50 cleaning fee will be assessed for violation of this provision.
• Riders should be sorted by similar age, weight, and height range. Larger older children should be segregated from smaller children. It is the responsibility of the attendant to ensure that the equipment is not overloaded.
• Supervision by an adult trained attendant is required at all times. The attendant shall assist the riders when they enter or exit the ride.
• Ensure the number of users at any one time are limited to a number which allows each user enough room to play safely.
• Ensure the weight capacity of the inflatable is never exceeded. The weight capacity for this ride is posted on the ride.
• While the ride is in operation, the attendant shall watch the riders at all times. No roughhousing or horseplay should be tolerated. No climbing on the nets or outside walls is allowed. Anyone who does not obey the rules after being warned should be asked to exit the ride. No somersaults, diving, wrestling, flips, or rough play shall be permitted at anytime.
• Do NOT bounce against the sides or near the doorway of the bounce house or on the slide. Do NOT climb up the slide or interior or exterior walls of the bounce house as serious injury could occur.
• Attendant shall use a whistle or other device to obtain the attention and take action at the first sight of misbehavior, keeping an eye on the safety and well-being of all the users.
• Attendant shall make riders aware and strictly enforce the rules posted on the Warning Sign on the Bounce House.
• Entry into the inflatable device should be done in an orderly and controlled manner and assisted by the Attendant.
• The inflatable must be securely anchored at all times.
• All riders should be in good physical condition.
• Keep riders away from the blower and generator unit at ALL times.

  • Emergency Procedures

Emergencies can arise for various reasons. The following are a few examples of emergencies and how they can be handled. This is strictly a guide, please use common sense when an emergency occurs

  • Weather

Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightning or strong wind. In each case you want to evacuate the ride as quickly and safely as possible. Remain Calm! If you panic your riders may also panic. Stay calm and stay focused on your job, which is to help your riders exit the ride quickly, but in an orderly fashion. After everyone has exited the ride, deflate the ride by turning off the blowers or fans. If possible, Bounces should be folded over once so that the interior is protected from the weather.

  • Loss of Electrical Power

When a loss of power occurs the ride will slowly start to deflate. Remain Calm! You will have ample time to help your patrons quickly and safely exit the ride. This situation tends to cause panic…unless the operator stays calm and relaxed. Talk calmly to those inside the unit telling them not to panic while you’re helping them walk out. Check to see if the blowers have come unplugged or the cords are unplugged from the outlet. If so, plug them back in and the ride will re-inflate. If this does not resolve the issue, contact Bella’s Bouncies at 407-347-4001, immediately to check the problem. Do not leave the ride unattended.

  • Damage

If the ride becomes damaged while in your operation, take the following steps. Write down what happened, when, and any other details you observed and turn this report in to the Responsible Party. Contact Bella's Bouncies immediately at 407-347-4001. Do not attempt to continue to operate the ride.